Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

NYS inspection rules and the easiest way to comply with FCC rules

About ABIP

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) routinely inspects radio and television stations for a variety of technical issues.  The New York State Broadcasters Association’s (NYSBA) Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) is an official inspection program authorized by the FCC.  Stations that pass the NYSBA’s ABIP program receive a 3-year exemption from the routine FCC technical inspections. Note - This exemption does not apply to inspection of a station's on-line public file, on-line political file or filings necessary to comply with FCC EEO requirements.

Hundreds of stations have used our ABIP program over the years avoiding costly and time-consuming FCC inspections. These stations recognized the benefits of having a NYSBA contracted engineer inspect the station.  If problems are found, stations can correct any potential problems. It saves the station time and money.

The ABIP inspection is provided to NYSBA members in good standing free of charge. There is a fee charged to non-members. Click HERE for inspection rates.

NYSBA uses only top quality engineers to conduct these inspections.  The inspection will be guided by the FCC’s most recent self- inspection check list:

Download our contract

The Process

1.  For member stations in good standing simply print and complete the contract, sign and send it to Mary Anne Jacon in our office @ or mail:

Mary Anne Jacon
ABIP Program
New York State Broadcasters Association
1805 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203

Note: We will not schedule an inspection appointment until the signed contract is received.  For non-members, the payment must accompany the signed contract.

2.  Once we receive the contract, our inspector will set up a date with you to conduct the inspection.  Generally, we will be able to inspect your station within 150 days of the contract date, so plan ahead.

3.  NYSBA contracted engineers will review stations for compliance on most FCC regulations.  However, they will not review a stations compliance with EEO regulations or the contents of the station’s political file.

4.  Participating stations will receive a report.  A copy of the report will be sent to NYSBA.  Importantly, the report remains confidential and will not be sent to the FCC. 

  • If there are no deficiencies, NYSBA will issue a Certificate of Compliance.  A copy of the certificate will be sent to the FCC.
  • If the report finds deficiencies, the stations must correct them before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued.  If a re-inspection is necessary, it can be done but at a cost to the station. 

5.  No cancellations. If a station cancels an ABIP inspection after it has been assigned an inspection date, the station may reapply for another inspection for a later date, but a new contract may be required.

6.  If you have any questions please contact Mary Anne Jacon at (518) 456-8888 or