Next Gen Broadcasters

NYSBA’s University and College Division Programming

Broadcasters serve their local communities throughout the state.  The influence of New York media extends throughout the United States and even the world. Local broadcasting is one of the key economic drivers in New York.  Broadcasting is directly responsible for $3.52 billion in GDP in New York State, as well as 19.23 thousand jobs. (Source: Woods Poole Economics, 2015). The business is changing rapidly; with new digital services being added every day. Needless to say, it is an exciting profession.

We are opening a college division to share the excitement with students enrolled in colleges and universities throughout New York, engaging NEXT GEN Broadcasters to keep their talents right here in New York. The NYSBA has the knowledge and resources necessary to assist in a variety of ways, by providing programs to colleges and universities FREE OF CHARGE with information regarding:

  • New FCC laws and regulations
  • Paid internships through member stations
  • Employment opportunities in broadcasting
  • Real-world experience in media business
  • On-campus seminars with leading experts in the field
  • Social media connections
  • Regional training and awards luncheons

In addition, the NYSBA has extended our Excellence in Broadcasting Awards program to college radio and television stations. Winners will be recognized at regional lunches each spring. College stations may submit entries electronically through our online web portal for the nominal cost of $30 HERE.

We hope all broadcasting programs throughout the state will join our new college and university division, NEXT GEN Broadcasters.