member benefits

NYSBA member services are provided at no additional charge:

Representation in Washington before Congress and the FCC

Representation in Albany and before New York State Agencies

Internship Program – Stations select and pay interns. NYSBA reimburses stations. 

Free online sales training courses 

  • Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB)
  • Local Broadcast Sales (LBS)
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
  • NYSBA TV Sales Training

Poynter Institute to Provide Journalism Webinars this Fall

Engineering online course from Society of Broadcast Engineers 

Sales Management – Media Staffing Network online courses focusing on management and employment issues.

Live regional digital sales training in upstate markets

Statewide Awards: “Excellence in Broadcasting” and “Serving New York” Awards

Annual Hall of Fame Awards Luncheon in NYC 

Job postings on the NYSBA website

Weekly electronic newsletter NY NewStream

Webinars on FCC compliance and various topics

Alternative Broadcast Inspections – Protects stations from FCC technical inspections

Emergency Alert Services (EAS) – Coordinate the EAS system in New York

FCC Compliance Hotline (free)