SAGE to Update ENDEC Software to Meet New FCC EAS Regulations

The FCC is in the process of updating a number of its EAS rules. One of the rules involves the transmission and reception of alerts through either the traditional EAS daisy chain system or through IPAWS. These new rules will have an impact on your EAS-receiving equipment. In response to the changes, SAGE issued a recent notice:

“An FCC Report and Order for PS Docket No. 15-94 adopting new rules to improve the clarity and accessibility of Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages recently went into effect with a compliance date of December 12, 2023. This R&O requires a significant change to EAS procedures, mandating that alerts received via over-the-air “legacy” EAS data tones be held while the possible presence of a matching IPAWS CAP alert is checked for and then used preferentially. There are a few other rules requiring changes on how the text for national alerts is constructed. A firmware update will be required to keep the ENDEC in compliance with the Part 11 rules.

Sage will release a paid update, called Rev96, in June. You should install the update before December 12, 2023, to be compliant with the new FCC rules. This is a pre-release announcement; the update is not yet available for download. We will send out another email when Rev96 is available.”

A copy of the initial SAGE notification can be found here.

Additional information from SAGE may be found here.