TVNewsCheck Panel: Local Spot TV Revenue Flat to Down for FY 2023

In a recent article, TVNewsCheck reported on a panel titled “Optimizing Spot TV in a Non-Political Year.” The panel featured Sinclair, Nexstar, Marketron, Horizon Media, and JDA Media executives. As reported in TVNewsCheck:

“TV stations are facing a flat to down 2023 when it comes to spot TV revenue after the nearly $9 billion mid-term election — with about half of that going to broadcast — that just wrapped up, panelists at TVNewsCheck’s webinar, Optimizing Spot TV in a Non-Political Year, said last Thursday.

With a possible recession looming and interest rates continuing to climb to try to stem inflation, categories that look promising next year include legal services, health care, quick service restaurants (QSR), travel, tourism, education and home improvement.

Automotive, which has been local TV’s biggest category, continues to lag, although many expect it to come back somewhat as car companies need to market new offerings, such as electric vehicles (EVs).”

You can see the complete story in TVNewsCheck here.