Political Ad Spending Expected to Reach $8.56 Billion

A recent article in Inside Radio noted that political ad spending will break mid-term records in 2022. Inside Radio reported on an analysis conducted by AdImpact:

“The ads are still running, but after months of primaries and general election campaigns the proof of their effectiveness will in the voting booth today.  The final tally on how much was spent by campaigns, political parties, and outside groups is still to come, but a preliminary total from AdImpact shows it has been the most expensive midterm on record.  The ad tracking firm says collective spending has topped $8.56 billion so far.

The final weeks are always the most robust for political advertising and also when radio is most likely to get in on the action. In the last two weeks, AdImpact says it tracked $1.45 billion in political spending.  That included 2,296 unique political ads that aired 1,150,256 times nationwide.  Its analysis shows Los Angeles was the market with the most spending during the last two weeks at $75.5 million, followed by Las Vegas ($69.6 million) and Phoenix ($65.3 million).”

You can see the complete analysis in Inside Radio here.