Failure to Keep Public File Updated Leads to FCC Consent Decree for NY Station

The FCC just issued a consent decree for a New York Station that failed to comply with the Commission’s public file obligations. Most of the consent decrees for radio are a result of the FCC reviewing a station’s license renewal application. According to a recent Media Bureau decision:

“In particular, the Consent Decree resolves the Bureau’s investigation of Licensee’s compliance with the Online Public Inspection File Rule contained in section 73.3526 of the Commission’s rules (Rules).1 The Bureau’s Audio Division suspended processing of the Application because Licensee did not comply with its public file obligations in section 73.3526. 2. The Bureau and Licensee have negotiated the attached Consent Decree in which Licensee stipulates that it violated section 73.3526 of the Rules. Pursuant to the Consent Decree, Licensee agrees, among other things, to implement a comprehensive compliance plan to ensure future compliance with its online public inspection file obligations and, one year after entering into the Consent Decree, submit a compliance report to the Audio Division.”

The FCC’s Medias Bureaus’ decision can be found here.