Jacobs Media Strategies: “There’s No ‘Quiet Quitting’ in Radio”

Fred Jacobs has penned an interesting article titled “There’s No ‘Quiet Quitting’ In Radio.” The piece discusses the issues surrounding the work/life balance in radio, especially for on-air talent.

In the article, Fred Jacobs summarized the results of his survey:

“To gain understanding about what it all means to those who make their living behind the mic, we crafted a new question in AQ4, our survey of air talent.  We asked our 750 on-air personalities and producers about how successful they’ve been at achieving a ‘work-life balance.’

Four in ten say equilibrium between their time at the station and their lives at home is important and they’re pulling it off.  If that’s you, congratulations.

But a similar-sized group would love a balance but say it just doesn’t happen.  And the talent most apt to feel frustrated are women, Millennials, and those who wear a lot of ‘hats’ – that is, are responsible for several jobs.

But then there are my favorite people – the 11% who say, ‘It’s radio – there is no work-life balance.’ They’re the realists – the ones who just know this new workplace condition – ‘quiet quitting’ – has nothing to do with their lives.”

You can find the full article by Fred Jacobs here.