NAB Publishes Election Took Kit

With the upcoming New York primaries for U.S. Congress and New York State Senate seats, stations are in the middle of the political season. NAB has issued an election tool kit that may be helpful. According to the NAB:

“Broadcasters’ commitment to driving civic participation and educating voters has a powerful impact. When it comes to informing and motivating citizens, no platform has more influence or is more trusted than broadcast radio and television.

Now more than ever before, local stations serve a vital role in helping Americans understand the importance of exercising their right to participate in the democratic process.

In this toolkit, you will find ideas to help promote voter registration, education, and turnout. By making election issues and candidates a cornerstone of your on-air and online programming, you give your listeners and viewers the political knowledge they need to cast an informed vote.”

Additional information about the NAB’s election tool kit can be found here.