FCC Issues Notice for Stations Subject to Random EEO Audits

Every year, the FCC randomly selects about 5% of all licensees for random EEO audits. The latest list of stations to be audited was published by the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau on August 19. This is the second set of EEO audit letters sent to stations this year. Stations are required to upload their responses to their FCC-hosted online public inspection file by October 7, 2022.

In past years, the FCC would notify a station that the Commission had completed an inspection of the filing. Under its new process, the FCC will not contact stations to confirm it has conducted a review of the audit. The FCC will only contact you if it has issues with your audit.

A quick review of the FCC’s Public Notice reveals that three stations in New York have or will be receiving an EEO Audit letter. If you are being audited, do not ignore this review. The FCC takes EEO audit reviews quite seriously.

The FCC’s Public Notice, instructions, and a list of stations that will be audited can be found here.