BIA Advisory Services: Optimizing Your Sales Force by Balancing Culture and ROI

One of the most significant issues facing broadcasters today is hiring account executives. In a recent interview with BIA, the President of Hawthorne Search, Robert Hawthorne, discusses the challenges confronting broadcasters and other media companies. In particular, he examines the attitudinal difference between Gen X and Gen Z. Specifically, Hawthorne noted:

“Culture is paramount. Younger sellers want a culture that promotes development, learning, and giving back. They want to work for a company that strives to do more than hit the bottom line. They are mission-driven more than any group I have ever seen. Paradoxically they also value cash compensation as well. They read and are well informed, so they know their talents are needed. Many in their peer group are sitting it out, so they want to be well compensated for their time as well.”

This is an important article that is worth reading! You can find the complete BIA interview with Hawthorne here.