NYSBA Newsletter and Social Media Platforms to be Upgraded

Starting with next week’s edition, we will be sending out an updated version of our newsletter, New York NewStream. We are very excited about the new format, which is designed to better meet your needs. It will have new features including a Broadcaster Spotlight section, a Communications section that covers human-interest topics, an Upcoming Events section that keeps members in the loop with important dates, a much more user-friendly Member Services section with direct links to specific services, and a cleaner and condensed layout that is suitable for mobile viewing.

As for social media, we are circulating a brief survey to members regarding NYSBA’s use of our platforms going forward. Our plans include completely revamping our presence on popular sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. NYSBA intends to focus on posting more engaging content that highlights the current faces in the broadcasting industry, showcases new opportunities for professional development, and shares the benefits of choosing a career in radio and/or tv. If you have not done so, please make every effort to complete THIS survey.

A special thank you to our new Director of Communications, Nora Kipp, who is doing an excellent job expanding our digital and social media footprint.


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