Longtime NYSBA Vice President, Mary Anne Jacon, to Retire

Mary Anne Jacon, NYSBA’s Vice President of Operations, is set to retire at the end of June. She has served as an integral part of the organization’s success for the past 28 years. Last Thursday, June 9, she was honored with a retirement dinner at the Saratoga National Golf Club. In attendance were Mary Anne’s family, friends, co-workers, and NYSBA board members. The true testament to her excellence and impact lies in the fact that many of the attendees traveled from places like Binghamton, Western New York, and New York City to celebrate the highs of her career.

The dinner was enjoyed by several retired board members: Steve Baboulis, Kristen Delaney, and John Shea. Several current board members also joined in Thursday night’s festivities: Alan Bishop, Bob Krummenacker, Ed Levine, and Maire Mason. NYSBA would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came to support Mary Anne on such a special occasion!

The story of how Mary Anne found herself at NYSBA is unique. Before her career took off in September of 1994, she was in the process of moving back home to New York from Connecticut. One day, her mother found an ad in the local newspaper for an Administrative Director position with our association. She urged Mary Anne to apply for the opening because it seemed like such a great opportunity. Soon after Mary Anne sent in her application, she interviewed with NYSBA’s Founder and President at the time, Joe Reilly. Amidst the hundreds of applicants who applied for the position, Reilly was drawn to the skills that she brought to the table and he especially liked that she came from a banking background. The interview went so well that he called Mary Anne back a few hours later and asked her to return to the office for a second interview! From that point on, the rest was history. Years later, she worked her way up to the title of Vice President of Operations.

David Donovan states,

“Mary Anne has been the heart and soul of NYSBA for twenty-eight years. She is the glue that kept NYSBA together.  Mary Anne’s dedication to NYSBA is unsurpassed.  She will be missed, and we wish her all the best on her retirement.”

For Mary Anne, one of the most rewarding aspects of her career at NYSBA has been watching events that have been planned, sometimes for months on end, come to fruition and be successful. Some years, there were nine or more events planned all around the state, which often included meeting and interacting with tons of station personnel. She has always enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with so many different people, from radio personalities to TV stars to politicians.

Above all else, she values the strong bonds she has formed with the staff in our Albany office. She says there is something about working with such a close-knit group of people that makes her co-workers feel like family. She knew Dick Novik first, as he was on the Board of Directors when she started with NYSBA. Then she met Sandy Messineo, who interned at the office while in college before joining the team on a more permanent basis. Carolyn Nash became part of the staff 12 years ago, David Donovan arrived 11 years ago, and Nora Kipp was just hired recently.

When Mary Anne retires, she is most looking forward to traveling, spending time with family, gardening, volunteering, and reading. She is ready to start a brand new chapter and see what excitement it will bring!


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