FCC Rescinds Translator License – Reminder to Locate Translators in the Exact Location Listed in the License

It is sometimes easy to simply ignore the specific location of a tower or transmitter in a construction permit. This is especially true with respect to translators. Be forewarned that the FCC requires that you build in the exact location contained in your construction permit. Moving the location–even by 30 yards–can result in a loss of license. In one instance, the FCC ruled:

“[W]e conclude that the constructed facilities were not licensable because PMC provided false information in the License Application by stating that it had completed construction at the authorized location. As PMC now admits, its construction at the RV Site differed from the location authorized in its permit. Because the false information obscured the fact that the permit had automatically expired and was material to our grant of the License, we hereby rescind the grant.”

Remember, once construction is completed for a new facility, the licensee must file a license application showing that it has built the station consistent with all the requirements of the construction permit. A deviation can result in a denial of the license application.

Click here to see the FCC’s decision.