Adam Armbruster: A World without Cookies & Auto Sales Update

Noted broadcast advertising expert Adam Armbruster has observed a change in the use of cookies by major digital platforms. As noted below, Adam also provides information regarding the trend in the automobile business to follow Tesla and try to eliminate or minimize the importance of dealerships.

With respect to a world without “cookies,” he noted:

“Advertisers are already contending with changes to identifiers that could prepare them for the eventual death of cookies in 2023. Apple made its mobile Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) an opt-in feature by default last year, an adjustment that’s created a deleterious effect on campaign performance for platforms like Facebook. Google has plans to implement a similar privacy model for Android but won’t do so for another two years. Nearly half (49%) of advertisers still take advantage of IDFA when they can get consent from users, per Advertiser Perceptions, and 41% do the same for Google ID on Android. There’s no shortage of cookie alternatives emerging for advertisers to try out, but none are proven at scale yet. Google recently started to test Topics, which offers advertisers data on user interests for ad-targeting in a limited time frame. The solution has drawn its share of skepticism.”

In addition, Adam provides important insights regarding auto sales and auto dealers. Tesla and others have tried to eliminate or minimize the importance of the dealer. This business model may not be working out as expected.

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