Programming Opportunity – Memorial Day Salute To New York’s Citizen Soldiers

This Memorial Day, we are again partnering with the New York Army National Guard (NYARNG) to recognize the importance of citizen soldiers to our communities.  Throughout the years, the NYARNG has fought for our freedom and protected our families. Today in Ukraine, citizen soldiers are fighting for their freedom.  Our citizen soldiers have been on the front lines throughout the COVID crisis and around the world. The NYARNG is always there for us during floods, blizzards, and natural disasters.  It helps young people find careers and provides college and education benefits.

A representative from the NYARNG will be available during the week of Memorial Day 2022 to discuss its importance to your local community.  A representative will be available for in-station, remote and/or pre-recorded interviews. The interviews are perfect for a segment in a news program, talk/discussion show, or public affairs show. The interview counts towards your station’s FCC “issues responsive programming” obligation.

To arrange an interview, contact Sargent First Class Jason Wells by May 20th at

If you have any questions, please contact me at


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