FCC Restarts Pirate Radio Enforcement

Illegal pirate radio stations still plague New York City.  In response to this problem, Congress passed the PIRATE Act which increased the fines for illegal pirate radio operations significantly.  It also imposed liability – up to $2 million – on property owners for allowing illegal pirate stations to continue operating on their property.  It looks like the FCC’s enforcement division is back and is now using the provisions of the PIRATE Act.  It recently sent out warning letters to property owners in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida.

While there are no letters to New York pirate stations, it is good to see the FCC moving forward.  Moreover, we are pleased that the FCC is using the new PIRATE Act to focus on property owners.  This is a huge step in helping to solve the illegal pirate radio problem in New York City.

To see an example of the enforcement letter (from Philadelphia) click HERE.


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