FCC Issues Citations for Failure to Light Tower

While the FCC’s field offices cut back during the COVID crisis, the Enforcement Bureau is now moving forward with inspections and reviews.  One example is the recent citation filed against the owner of a tower that was not properly lighted.

Remember Section 303(q) of the Act states that antenna structure owners shall maintain the painting and lighting of antenna structures. The FAA must be notified when a tower is greater than 60.96 meters (200 feet) in height above ground level. Lighting on an antenna structure must be observed at least once every 24 hours either visually or by using an automatic indicator or alarm system that will detect a lighting outage.  An antenna structure owner must notify the FAA immediately of any known extinguishment or improper functioning of any top steady burning light or any flashing obstruction light, regardless of its position on the antenna structure, not corrected within 30 minutes. The owner of an antenna structure for which an ASR number has been obtained must notify the Commission of any change in the antenna structure’s ownership information within five (5) days of such change.

The basic fine for failure to light a tower is $10,000.  So, make sure your tower is properly painted and has all the necessary lights.

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