FCC Enforcement Bureau Issues Annual Random EEO Audits

On March 21, 2022, the Enforcement Bureau sent the first of its Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) audit letters for 2022 to randomly selected radio and television stations. The Enforcement Bureau audits the EEO programs of randomly selected broadcast licensees.  Each year, approximately five percent of all radio and television stations are selected for EEO audits.  The deadline for stations to upload responses to their FCC-hosted online public inspection files is May 5, 2022

A number of New York Stations are included in the random audit.  Stations should be receiving a notice directly from the FCC.  However, you may want to check the FCC’s Public Notice to see if you are on the list.  A copy of the letter and the list of stations audited (by call letters) can be found on the Enforcement Bureau’s website.

To see the Enforcements Bureaus Public Notice, including a link to the list of stations audited click HERE.


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