FCC Confirms Penalties for Not Conducting Good Faith Retransmission Consent Negotiations

Last year the FCC proposed to levy a forfeiture on a station group for not conducting good faith retransmission consent negotiations.  The station group asked the FCC to reconsider its decision.  The FCC has denied that request and has upheld its decision to issue a penalty.  The FCC stated:

“By this Memorandum Opinion and Order and Order on Reconsideration (Order), we dismiss and, on alternative and independent grounds, deny the petition for reconsideration (Petition) filed by broadcast TV station licensees Deerfield Media, Inc., et al. (collectively, Defendants)  seeking reconsideration of a Forfeiture Order issued by the Commission that imposed a $512,228 penalty per-station against each Defendant for willfully and repeatedly violating the Commission’s good faith negotiation requirements.   For the reasons explained below, we dismiss the Petition on procedural grounds and, as an independent and alternative basis for this decision, deny it on the merits.  We also dismiss a second petition for reconsideration of the Forfeiture Order filed separately by Second Generation (Supplemental Petition), finding that its request for reconsideration of the forfeiture amount based on an inability to pay is untimely and consideration of this claim is not in the public interest.  We also deny Second Generation’s request for a waiver to allow for consideration of its untimely inability-to-pay claim.”

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