Vacant TV Allotments to be Auctioned – Includes Ch. 15 in Syracuse 

The FCC released a Public Notice establishing the procedures and minimum opening bid amounts to be used for Auction 112, an auction of construction permits for full power television (TV) stations.  To participate stations must file initial “short-form applications” (FCC Form 175) between 12pm EST on March 17 and 6pm EST on March 30.

Bidding in this auction is scheduled to start on June 7, 2022.  This Public Notice provides details regarding the procedures, terms, conditions, dates, and deadlines governing participation in Auction 112 bidding, as well as an overview of the post-auction application and payment processes.

The construction permits that will be available in Auction 112 are for channel allotments contained in the Table of Television Allotments (TV Table) and assigned at the indicated communities for which there currently is not a licensee.  Each construction permit awarded will be for one of the allotted but-unlicensed channels currently contained in the TV Table.

According to the FCC, the minimum opening bid for Ch. 15 in Syracuse is $750,000.

To see the Public Notice establishing the rules for the auction click HERE.


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