NYSBA Urges House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler to Support JCPA

Last week we joined forces with the New York News Publishers Association to urge House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D.NY) to support the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (HCPA) H.R. 1735.  The bill would allow journalists including newspapers and broadcasters to bargain collectively for their content that is appearing on Big Tech platforms such as Facebook and Google.

Today, Big Tech is able to take broadcast content without paying fair value.  In many respects Big Tech has built their successful platforms on the backs of broadcasters.  As we noted in the letter:

“The unfair competitive practices of Big Tech have a similar impact on local radio and television stations. These major tech companies have relied on news provided by local stations to enhance their platforms. These platforms create market distortions for broadcasters that limit a station’s ability to fully capture the economic benefits of the news content they provide. Because of the size and power of Big Tech, their policies are almost always “take-it-or-leave-it.” and there is little power to negotiate because broadcasters would lose access to hundreds of millions of consumers if they simply declined to publish their content on these platforms. The current practice challenges the economic foundations of local broadcast news. A recent report by BIA Advisory Services focusing on Google Search and Facebook News Feed found that local broadcasters lose an estimated $1.873 billion annually by providing their content to these platforms.”

As Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Nadler is extremely important.  The JCPA bill must pass through his committee.  We will continue to lobby to move this bill through Congress.

To see a copy of the letter we sent to Chairman Nadler – click HERE.

To see a copy of the JCPA legislation – click HERE.


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