Free LBS Webinar – “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Closing the Deal” 12/14/21 – Noon

This webinar features Melody Spann-Cooper Chair & CEO of Midway Broadcasting Corporation. It is a session that every broadcast leader and sales professional should see.  An honest and intimate conversation with Melody as if she’s speaking one deal-making woman to another. Here is wisdom passed down from mentor to mentee. A message on how to spot what and who is “real” in business and pivot successfully, even under adverse circumstances. Melody was inspired to write the book “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Closing the Deal” after receiving rave reviews for a similarly themed speech she delivered to the National Association of Women Business Owners’ annual luncheon in Chicago following the 2016 Presidential Election. Melody huddles down with broadcasters to share colorful observations – both humorous and serious – from her upbringing and her entrepreneurial journey.  Success. Failure. Regrets! Your entire sales team is encouraged to join the session.

This webinar is provided to NYSBA members in good standing free of charge.  To register click HERE.


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