Political File Webinar Archived

Last week’s FCC Political Rules webinar was a tremendous success.  The webinar, “Everything Political: Preparing Broadcasters for 2022” was moderated by David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP and featured Bobby Baker, Gary Schonman and Sima Nilsson from the FCC’s Office of Political Programming. If you were unable to attend, the webinar has been archived.

To see the webinar, click HERE.

To see the Power Point from this presentation, click HERE.

Note: The slides from this webinar are intended as a general guide to legal and regulatory matters that may face your stations. This information should not be considered legal advice, as we do not have the specific facts of your situation which could affect how rules and policies are interpreted. For legal advice, you should always talk to your own counsel.

The participation of the FCC employees in the webinar should be considered “off the record” and should not be used outside the context of this webcast.  The statements of the FCC employees are the views of the employees themselves and are not official pronouncements of the FCC.  Any views expressed as to the interpretation of FCC rules and policies are not binding on the FCC.