Make Sure You Upload Quarterly Issues Lists on Time

Once again we advise stations to make sure their online public files are kept up to date.  Noted communications attorney David Oxenford noted a recent case.

“A Florida college TV station faces a $6,000 fine in connection with its license renewal application for failing to upload its quarterly issues/programs lists on time.  The station uploaded four lists more than one year late, four lists between one month and one year late, and three lists between one day and one month late.  The station also noted in its renewal application that a handful of quarterly lists were mistakenly posted to the station’s website instead of its public file.  Even though the lists eventually made their way to the public file, the Video Division reminded the station that “employee acts or omissions, such as clerical errors in failing to file required forms, do not excuse violations.”  Pay close attention to filing dates and deadlines, so you do not find your operation looking at a monetary penalty.”

To see the FCC’s decision, click HERE.


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