Post Pandemic – American TV Viewing Habits May Not Change

An interesting study conducting by HUB Entertainment was contained in a report by Fierce Video.  The report noted that American viewing habits that developed during the pandemic may be more permanent that originally thought.  The article noted:

“American COVID-19 television viewing habits may be here to stay despite fewer pandemic restrictions and growing optimism, a study conducted by Hub Entertainment Research has found.

In a survey taken in June 2021 of 3,000 U.S. consumers, ages 14 to 74 who watch at least one hour of TV, half of respondents said they’re watching the same amount of TV today compared to the height of the pandemic last year. A third of these respondents are watching even more TV.

Moreover, the study indicates that more Americans are purchasing smart TVs throughout the pandemic.”

To see the complete article in Fierce Video click HERE.

For more information on the analysis by Hub Entertainment click HERE.


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