Keep Your On-line Public File Up to Date

We are about to begin a renewal cycle for radio in New York.  Applications for renewal will be due February 1, 2022.  NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE SURE YOUR PUBLIC FILE IS IN ORDER.  This applies to all radio stations.

Two radio stations entered into consent decrees with the FCC over their failure to comply with the FCC’s online public file rules and, in one case, failure to file biennial ownership reports.  In the first case, a commercial station appears to have failed to upload any quarterly issues/programs lists. (Georgia Consent Decree)  In the second case, a noncommercial station appears to have not uploaded any quarterly issues/programs lists or filed any biennial ownership reports for the entirety of its license period. (Montana Consent Decree).  In each case, the consent decrees impose reporting conditions and other paperwork requirements so that the FCC can more closely supervise the operations of the stations in the future.  These decisions are another reminder that you need to be sure your station’s online public file is complete and accurate, as the FCC will scrutinize it when it processes your license renewal application.

To see the FCC’s decision click HERE  and HERE.


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