C-Band Reimbursement – Dispute Resolution Process in Place – Transition Deadline for Phase 1 is December 5th

Last week the FCC issued a Public Notice regarding the process for resolving payment disputes associated with the C-Band Reimbursement process.  According to the FCC’s Public Notice:

“As part of the ongoing transition in the 3.7-4.2 GHz band (C-band), parties disputing a cost estimate, cost invoice, or payment or cost-sharing obligation must file an objection with the Relocation Payment Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse). Pursuant to the 3.7 GHz Report and Order, the Clearinghouse serves “in an administrative role and in a function similar to a special master in a judicial proceeding” and “may mediate any disputes regarding cost estimates or payments that may arise in the course of band reconfiguration; or refer the disputant parties to alternative dispute resolution fora.” Following mediation, parties to the dispute may request expedited non-binding arbitration.

Regarding the Notice, communications attorney David Oxenford noted:

“In the last two weeks, the FCC’s reimbursement coordinator, RPC, has begun emailing entities holding C-band earth station authorizations, alerting them that RPC has begun to accept claims for C-band transition reimbursements, including for lump sum payments.  To be reimbursed, C-band operators need to set up an account in RPC’s Coupa payment system”

Attorney Oxenford also noted:

“This notice should serve as a reminder that the transition deadline for C-Band operators in Phase I markets is December 5, 2021 (Phase 1 stations are located in Partial Economic Areas 1-50, except stations in the Washington, DC area and certain counties in Georgia, Colorado, and Hawaii – see a PEA list here).  By that date, C-band earth stations in Phase I markets need to install filters or make other changes to avoid interference from the new wireless users.  The transition deadline for the remaining markets is December 5, 2023.”

To see the FCC’s Public Notice click HERE.

To see the Reimbursement Payment Coordinator (RPC) website click HERE.


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