ABA Engineering Webinars “Installing & Controlling a Virtual Broadcast Mixer” September 21st 11 AM Eastern

The next ABA Engineering Academy’s Webinar will be held on Tuesday September 21st at 11:00 AM Eastern (10 AM Central) time. Our special guest will be Kirk Harnack with Telos Alliance. His topic will be “Installing & Controlling a Virtual Broadcast Mixer”. Broadcasters are making the shift to virtualization as software versions of broadcast equipment become available. The benefits of virtualization can’t be denied and are worthy of your consideration when pondering your next studio equipment purchase.

In this webinar we’ll look into a true virtual audio mixer. We’ll see what the installation looks like with a demonstration, and further show how you can use the Axia iQs to quickly add virtual audio consoles in your station, at home, or anywhere else!

This webinar is provided free of charge to NYSBA members in good standing. To register for the ABA Engineering Webinar click HERE.

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