Poynter Institute to Provide Journalism Webinars this Fall

NYSBA has arranged with the nationally recognized  Poynter Institute to provide member stations with webinars and workshops throughout the fall.  The sessions will feature Al Tompkins and Kelly McBride who have taught thousands of journalists worldwide how to ethically cover difficult issues.  Tompkins is Senior Faculty at the Poynter Institute. Kelly McBride is the Institute’s Senior Vice President and leads Poynter’s ethics program.  These sessions are for free to NYSBA members in good standing.

Below is the schedule:

October 21st -Powerful storytelling (part 1) – Register HERE

  • Finding and developing compelling characters
  • Finding sharp story focus
  • What goes where in the story and why
  • How to make words and video work seamless together
  • How to spot soundbites that deeply connect with viewers

November 4th – Powerful storytelling (part 2) – Register HERE

  • The eight motivators that make any story more interesting
  • Getting beyond the obvious to the more important “why” of the story
  • The power of the Ladder of Abstraction (how to make interesting stories important and important stories interesting)
  • Sentence structure that makes information unforgettable
  • Navigating the friction between creative storytelling and clear storytelling

December 8th –  Battling Bias – Register HERE

  • Where do our biases come from?
  • How do we recognize our own biases?
  • Eight kinds of biases that can influence our journalism (these don’t make you a bad person, they mean you are normal)
  • How biases influence who is in and out of our coverage
  • How you can find new voices that will give you new insights, even on deadline How biases even show up in our Google searches
  • The MOST likely place your biases might show up in a carefully crafted story

January 4th – Fighting Fakes and Truth Decay – Register HERE

  • Where does information come from and who is behind it?
  • Why do people spread disinformation?
  • How can you detect fake photos?
  • What is metadata and what will it tell you?
  • What does every journalist need to understand about algorithms?
  • See the newest tools fakers use to alter video and audio.
  • How to use polysearch tools to get to the root of an images’ origin