NYSBA to Subsidize ABIP Inspection Costs for Member Stations

The COVID pandemic has resulted in a significant decline in advertising revenues for many stations. While getting better, revenue streams remain low. To help stations come back, the Board of Directors has directed NYSBA to begin subsidizing the costs of ABIP inspections for stations that are members in good standing.

Eligible stations must be: 1) current with their NYSBA dues and 2) broadcasting spots daily as part of our Public Outreach Partnership Program, formerly called our Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement Program (NCSA). Non-member costs will remain the same.

Remember radio renewal applications are due February 1, 2022, for a renewal date of June 1, 2022. Television renewal applications are due February 1, 2023, for a renewal date of June 1, 2023.

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Questions should be directed to Mary Anne Jacon at majacon@nysbroadcasters.org.


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