FCC Update – LPFM Rules to be Addressed at June Meeting

In April of 2020, the FCC adopted new rules for LPFM radio stations.  The FCC announced last week that it will address petitions for reconsideration.  According to the FCC, “The proposed Order on Reconsideration addresses these petitions and, in so doing, provides clarity and finality to these rules, paving the way for a new LPFM station application window. The final rules will:

  • Affirm a maximum LPFM power of 100 watts and reject an increase to 250 watts because the record of this proceeding is insufficient to overcome concerns about simplicity, consistency with past actions, and statutory spacing requirements.
  • Affirm that, absent a specific exemption, LPFM stations need to submit engineering test measurements to prove that the antenna is performing properly and, thereby, safeguard against potential interference.
  • Leave unchanged a longstanding requirement that LPFM transmitters be certified for LPFM use, and thereby prevent interference from equipment not meant for LPFM operations or that has been haphazardly manufactured.
  • Confirm that the new rules will only apply prospectively, i.e., to applications not yet acted upon regardless of whether such action

To see the FCC’s proposed LPFM decision click HERE.


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