FCC Seeks to Update Record on Local Radio and TV Ownership Rules

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the elimination of several cross ownership and TV JSA rules was based on the FCC’s 2017 decision.  In 2018, the FCC commenced another proceeding looking at three specific rules including the Local Radio Ownership Rule,  the Local Television Ownership Rule,  and the Dual Network Rule.

The FCC did not act on the 2018 Quadrennial Review proceeding because it was waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision on its 2017 decision.  Now that the Supreme Court has acted, the FCC wants to refresh the record in the 2018 proceeding.

The Commission is not only asking for a update of comments filed previously, it is also seeking to update the record given changes in the marketplace.  This includes the competitive impact of streaming as well as the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Simply stated, the Commission is looking for new data on the Local radio Ownership, Local TT Ownership and Dual Network Rules.

As noted previously, we do not expect significant relaxation of the broadcast local ownership rules by the FCC.  Nonetheless, this will present stations with an opportunity to update the record regarding the current state of competition in the radio and television marketplace.

To see the FCC’s request for additional comments click HERE.


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