Don’t forget AM NRSC Measurements

As we get back to normal business, do not forget to double check your AM facilities.  According to noted broadcast engineer Larry Wilkins:

“Engineers that maintain AM broadcast facilities are reminded of the requirement to conduct NRSC measurements annually.  NRSC measurements are required to ensure that the emissions of stations in the AM service are attenuated in accordance with the requirements specified in section 73.44.  These measurements must be conducted annually, for AM stations, with not more than 14 months between measurements. Measurements made of the emissions of an operating station are to be made at ground level approximately 1 kilometer from the center of the antenna system. The data, together with a description of the equipment and procedure used in making the measurements, signed and dated by the qualified person(s) making the measurements, must be kept on file at the transmitter or remote control point for a period of 2 years.”


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