Television Consumers to Cut Services in a Post COVID World

Antennas Direct commissioned a very interesting research study regarding post COVID viewing. Cord cutting cable and satellite service has been well documented.  During the pandemic we also saw a rise in streaming subscriptions.  With the pandemic waning, consumers are now looking at reducing services.  The study found that 33% of Americans plan to cut TV services in the post COVID environment. According to the study:

“As businesses reopen and Americans feel more comfortable leaving home, many plan to reevaluate and cut entertainment subscriptions. One in three consumers plan to cut TV subscriptions post-pandemic. For Gen Z subscribers, the love doesn’t last long. While they were most likely to spend money for new services during the pandemic, they’re the most likely to cut those services post-pandemic.

When it comes to the types of services that will get cut no one is safe. In fact, two in five consumers plan to cut more than one type of service. On-demand services may see the biggest drops in subscriptions post-pandemic. In fact, Gen Zers are 26% more likely to cut on-demand subscriptions versus sport streaming channels.”

Interestingly, consumers place a high value on local news.   The study raises some very interesting issues for the TV marketplace.  To see a complete copy of the study click HERE.


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