Radio Listeners Poised to Start Spending Again

A recent article appearing in Inside Radio reported on an analysis prepared by Katz on the purchasing behavior of radio listeners.  The article noted:

“Katz Media Group analyzed the data in the April wave of the latest MRI-Simmons COVID-19 Consumer Insights Study and discovered that radio’s biggest fans are more likely than the average person to have started to resume or reschedule a postponed purchase. The data shows those who describe themselves as heavy radio users are ten percent more likely to have already made decisions on buying a home, a car or truck, and investing in the stock market. They are also 13% more likely to pull the trigger on home renovations and 16% more likely to resume business travel. Looking into the near future, heavy radio listeners are 19% more likely to purchase a car or truck and 13% more likely to invest in stocks in the next one to five months….

Heavy radio listeners are more engaged in consumer activities than the average American, making them important players in local economic recovery as more business sectors reopen and rebound,” said Katz in an update to clients.”

This is good news for radio account executives.  To see the complete analysis in Inside Radio click HERE.

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