EAS National Test Set for August 11th

FEMA has scheduled the next National EAS Test for Wednesday August 11th, 2021. This test will be sent to stations through the traditional EAS network.  It will not be sent to stations through the IPAWS network.

Stations should begin to look at their EAS decoders and monitoring equipment to make sure it is in order.  During the last test, there were problems with the distribution of the EAS signal in parts of central New York.  So make sure you EAS equipment works and you are receiving the EAS weekly and monthly tests.  Make sure the audio quality is correct.

During the last test in 2019, both FEMA and the FCC noted that there were a number of issues regarding transmission of the test and problems with monitoring.  While it reported national data, the FCC’s report provides insight on the types of problems that can arise.  You can see the FCC‘s 2019 EAS Report HERE.

The FCC has not yet published its notice.  We will be updating as the date gets closer.  No doubt the FCC will require “pre” and “post” filings to accompany this test. For more information go the FCC’s EAS Test Reporting Website.


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