Cable and Satellite Continue to Lose Subscribers During the First Quarter

An interesting article in TV Newscheck by media consultant Hank Price noted that it was another bad quarter for pay services.  He reports that DirecTV lost 620,000 subscribers.  He noted further that while COMCAST lost 491,000 cable customers, it gained 461,000 high speed internet subscribers.  The impact on local TV will be significant.

“So, what does all this mean? It certainly makes a strong case for regulation of vMPVDs, just as the cable and satellite services they emulate are regulated. Fairness for everyone, including local TV stations, demands a level playing field.”

 He continued:

“So is the future, as some believe, about apps and nothing else? The future is not that simple. Consumers still have an appetite for traditional linear services, including access to a certain level of advertising. Advertising is seen as content, so the future will continue to be about multiple video sources supported by both direct payments and advertising.”

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