Poynter Institute – How to Report on Vaccine Reticence

Last week the Poynter Institute hosted a 45 minute webinar discussing vaccine reticence. The webinar featured Poynter senior faculty Joie Chen, who spoke with Dr. Jennifer Kates of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

You’ll learn the most up-to-date information about who’s not getting the vaccines and why. The webinar also featured KTRK/ABC13’s anchor Chauncy Glover about his experience with COVID-19 and how he’s helped Houston viewers get the facts about the vaccine. Learn why experts believe local journalists can make a critical difference in keeping communities informed.  The webinar addressed several key issues including:

  • What are the facts, currently?
  • How have reporters addressed this issue?
  • Is it appropriate for journalists to “advocate” for people to get vaccinated?
  • How is this target moving?

If you are a news director or reporter, this webinar is worth watching.  The pointer Poynter Institute will ask you for a small donation. Frankly it is well worth it.

To access the webinar click HERE.


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