Nielsen Insights – TV Viewing Trends Changed During Pandemic, but Long Term Trends Remain

There is no doubt the pandemic changed viewing habits.  A recent analysis by Nielsen concluded:

“Still, without a doubt, the pandemic amplified changes in media behavior, but many of the changes were underway when consumers began to quarantine in mid March 2020. Importantly, our national TV audience measurement data highlights that total TV viewing has declined in recent years. For example, in Q1 2019, on average, 20.8% of people 2 years old and older were using television across the total day, a number that declined to 19.1% in Q1 2021.

As would be expected, TV viewership, as well as other media consumption, spiked when people were forced to stay at home, with massive jumps in news viewing. But after the initial shock of the pandemic arriving passed, consumers’ shifting media habits continued.”

Of course the decline in viewing “linear” TV were also attributable to the cancellation of many live “sports” and “live entertainment” events.

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