NAB CEO Gordon Smith – Broadcasters Are the Best Medium to Carry the Vaccine Message

Last Thursday, NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith testified before the Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications, Media, and Broadband to promote broadcasting as the best investment for the Administration’s vaccine-promoting advertising message, which is backed by over $1 billion in COVID-19 aid funding.

In his prepared statement Sen. Smith stated:

“In times of emergency, Americans turn to their local broadcasters first for the most trusted and reliable information to stay safe and informed. Broadcasters’ guiding principle is to serve on the front lines of every crisis, staying on the air to provide critical information even, at times, when their own lives may be in danger….

With the highest reach of all media platforms into more than 90% of households, and a service that is ubiquitous and free to the public, broadcast radio and TV stations are the best message carriers to reach vulnerable populations. Local stations serve communities of color, multilingual ethnic minorities and rural areas of the country where vaccine hesitancy is highest.”

With recent accounts of vaccine hesitancy, it is vitally important that all citizens receive correct information.  Radio and Television stations in the Empire State are poised to reach all New Yorkers – rich and poor, urban and rural.  To this end the Federal Government is purchasing time on stations across the country.  We are urging Governor Cuomo to do the same throughout New York State.

To see a copy of Sen. Smith’s testimony click HERE.


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