FCC’s Enforcement Bureau Issues Advisory on Sponsorship ID Requirement

Last week the FCC’s enforcement Bureau issued a specific advisory regarding the sponsorship ID requirements.  As we have stated in the past, stations must be very careful with this regulation.  NYSBA urges you to read the complete advisory. The advisory noted:

“Broadcasters who air paid-for programming without disclosing the program’s sponsor can mislead the public and promote unfair competition.  Such non-disclosures foster the perception by the public that a paid announcement is the station’s editorial content, while concealing that the station is being paid by a third party to promote a particular message.”

The Commission was clear about the potential impact.

“Failure to comply with the Sponsorship Identification Laws may subject a violator to sanctions including, but not limited to, imprisonment and/or substantial monetary forfeitures.”

To access the Enforcement Bureau’s advisory click HERE.


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