Apple’s IPhone Moves to Allow Customers to Block Targeted Advertising 

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal notes that Apple is moving forward with its decision to allow customers to block targeted advertisements on some of its phones. The article noted: 

“As Apple Inc. moves ahead with long-promised plans to make it harder to target certain iPhone users with ads, advertising companies and software developers are preparing for major disruptions to the $400 billion digital advertising industry….

The changes to Apple’s iPhone software—part of what the company describes as an app-tracking transparency initiative meant to protect user privacy—will let users decide whether to allow apps to track them for targeted ads. The iPhone maker first announced the plan in June and intended to roll it out in September, before delaying that timeline until 2021 to give partners more time to prepare.”

This move could have a significant impact on the digital advertising market. No doubt digital marketers will be working to adapt with new techniques.  But if blocking targeted advertising becomes widespread among consumers, it could have a beneficial impact on traditional broadcast advertising.  In addition, both the federal government and the New York legislature are looking at new laws to give consumers greater control over their personal digital data. 

To see the story in the Wall Street Journal click HERE.  


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