Analog LPTV & TV Translator Service to End July 13th – May file for a waiver by March 15th

The shift to digital transmission for LPTV and translator stations has taken a very long time.  This is just a reminder that time will run out this year.  The digital transition date for owners of LPTV and TV Translators is July 13, 2021.

All LPTV/translator stations must terminate analog television operations regardless of whether their digital facilities are operational by midnight July 13, 2021.  The FCC noted that LPTV and translator operators may file for an extension by March 15th.  Stations will have to demonstrate that they are unable to meet the July 13th deadline due to circumstances that are beyond their control.  The extension will last for 6 months.  Importantly, even if the extension is granted, analog service must terminate by midnight July 13th.  Stations will then remain silent until the digital transition is completed.

To see the FCC’s Public Notice reminding LPTV and Translator Stations click HERE.

To see a further discussion of this issue by noted FCC attorney David Oxenford click HERE.


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