Update -Vaccine Distribution – Broadcasters as 1(c) Essential Workers

There has been no change in the vaccine priority for broadcasters.  The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has published a recommended priority list for the distribution of vaccines.  As you know, those employed in broadcasting have been considered essential workers by the DHS CSIC and by New York State.  According to the ACIP, broadcasters are listed as 1(c) essential employees.  Here is the ACIP’s description of the types of essential workers and its vaccine priorities:

Phase 1b – Frontline essential workers: first responders (e.g., firefighters and police officers), corrections officers, food and agricultural workers, U.S. Postal Service workers, manufacturing workers, grocery store workers, public transit workers, and those who work in the education sector (teachers and support staff members) as well as child care workers.

Phase 1c – All other essential workers: workers in transportation and logistics, water and wastewater, food service, shelter and housing (e.g., construction), finance (e.g., bank tellers), information technology and communications, energy, legal, media, and public safety (e.g., engineers), and public health workers.

As of this writing NY has listed those professions eligible for vaccinations in 1(a) and 1(b) categories.  To see the list click HERE.

As we go to press, there is no schedule for vaccinating 1(c) essential workers, including broadcasters.  We are in contact with the NY Department of Health and the Governor’s office regarding broadcasters and the news media. New York State is generally following the ACIP recommendations.  New York has created several advisory committees:  the Clinical Advisory Task Force; the Vaccine Distribution and Implementation Task Force and the Vaccine Equity Task Force.

At this point it is not entirely clear when vaccines will be available for broadcasters.  We are keeping a close watch on the process.

To see the ACIP’s recommendations click HERE.

To See NY State Vaccine website click HERE.