The First 100 Years of Buffalo Broadcasting by Steve Cichon Offers Tremendous Insight into the History of Buffalo Broadcasting

Steve Cichon is a proud “Buffalonian.”  His blog “Buffalo Stories” is a must read for those seeking to discover the rich history and culture of the city.  He has now written the first volume of “100 Years of Buffalo Broadcasting.” It takes readers through the first 50 years, from 1920 through 1970 and is filled with photos and anecdotes.

Rich Newberg, founding member of the Buffalo Broadcasters Association and co-chair of its Archive Committee, discussed the book in a recent edition of the Buffalo News:

“Steve Cichon has written a love story. It’s about his first and lasting love for Buffalo broadcasting and the people who brought the “Buffalo story” into the living rooms and hearts of generations of Western New Yorkers. “100 Years of Buffalo Broadcasting” has been a labor of love that has its roots in Cichon’s childhood.” 

Cichon has been involved with Buffalo Broadcasting all his life. At 15, he was hired by WBEN to run the audio board on weekends. Steve was producer for Buffalo Bills Football, executive producer of the Sabres Radio Network, news anchor, reporter and eventually news director at WBEN Radio, and sports producer at WIVB-TV. 

The book provides tremendous insight into the first years of broadcasting in Buffalo. 

To see Rich Newberg’s  complete story story in the Buffalo News click HERE.  

To access Steve Cichon’s “Buffalo Stories” blog click HERE.  


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