SBA PPP News Update – Senator Schumer Released PPP Guide

During last month’s zoom meeting with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, he noted that his office would be releasing a guide to the new PPP Rules.  These rules have been essential for many broadcasters to stay in business. His office has released the new guide book and it contains all the information necessary to obtain a PPP loan from the SBA.

In addition, the White House just announced that the next COVID relief bill will make some changes in the PPP loan program. We are awaiting actual language, with the press release from the White House stated:

  • Institute a 14-day period, starting Wednesday, during which only businesses with fewer than 20 employees can apply for relief through the Program. 98 percent of small businesses have fewer than 20 employees. They are Main Street businesses that anchor our neighborhoods and help families build wealth. And while the Biden-Harris administration has directed significantly more relief to these smallest businesses in this round of PPP than in the prior round, these businesses often struggle more than larger businesses to collect the necessary paperwork and secure relief from a lender. The 14-day exclusive application period will allow lenders to focus on serving these smallest businesses. The Biden-Harris administration will also make a sustained effort to work with lenders and small business owners to ensure small businesses take maximum advantage of this two-week window.
  • Help sole proprietors, independent contractors, and self-employed individuals receive more financial support. These types of businesses, which include home repair contractors, beauticians, and small independent retailers, make up a significant majority of all businesses. Of these businesses, those without employees are 70 percent owned by women and people of color. Yet many are structurally excluded from the PPP or were approved for as little as $1 because of how PPP loans are calculated. To address this problem, the Biden-Harris administration will revise the loan calculation formula for these applicants so that it offers more relief, and establish a $1 billion set aside for businesses in this category without employees located in low- and moderate-income (LMI) areas.

We will follow this issue closely.

To obtain a copy of Senator Schumer’s PPP Guide click HERE.


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