FCC to Auction Radio Stations in July – Six New York FM Stations Up for Auction 

The FCC announced that it will conduct an auction of un-built radio construction permits stations on July 27, 2021.  The auction will include construction permits for four AM stations and 136 FM stations.

The Commission has designated this auction as – Auction 109.   Auction 109 will offer all of the FM radio permits that were previously included in the inventory for Auction 106, as well as six additional FM permits.  Auction 106 was postponed on March 25, 2020, with no appointed date for resumption, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Auction 106 is now canceled; applications submitted by entities seeking to participate in Auction 106 have been dismissed. All applicants wishing to participate in Auction 109, regardless of whether they may have previously filed a short-form application (FCC Form 175) for Auction 106, will be required to file a new application to participate in Auction 109.

A window for filing short-form applications to participate in Auction 109 will be announced in a subsequent public notice from the FCC.  Auction 109 will involve six construction permits that are located in New York. These stations are listed in the following chart:





This is a complicated process. To see the FCC’s Public Notice announcing this auction click HERE.

To see the complete list of stations that are up of Auction 109 click HERE.


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