FCC – Unreported C-Band Licenses to be Terminated 

The FCC’s International Bureau issued a Public Notice Regarding C-Band Earth stations.  If you have not reported all your C-Band Earth stations to the FCC you must do so within 90 days (April 19th) or the authorization will be terminated.  Many stations use C-Band Satellite Earth Stations to receive network and syndicated programs.  The FCC’s Public Notice stated:

 “With this Public Notice, the International Bureau (Bureau) provides the following notice to (1) operators of incumbent FSS C-band earth station antennas that have been reported as no longer operational and (2) incumbent Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) C-band earth station operators that have not responded to communications from RSM US LLP (RSM), the C-band Relocation Coordinator, and/or incumbent C-band satellite operators”

The FCC stated further: 

“Failure to submit a filing to the Bureau by no later than 90 days after the release of this Notice (April 19, 2021) affirming the continued operation of the identified earth station antennas and the intent to participate in the C-band transition will result in a Bureau announcement that the authorizations…..have automatically terminated by operation of rule, and that those authorizations will be terminated in IBFS and removed from the incumbent earth station list.”

If you have not registered your C-Band earth station or have not indicated you will participate in the C-Band reallocation program, you need to contact the FCC.

To see the FCC Public Notice and the list of inactive C-Band Earth station licenses that may be subject to termination click HERE.


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