FCC EAS Test Results – FCC‘s Enforcement Bureau Issues Advisory

In 2019 the FCC conducted a National EAS test for broadcast stations.  While the COVID crisis has intervened, the Enforcement Bureau has issued an Enforcement advisory regarding compliance with the FCC’s EAS rules.  The advisory states: 

“The Enforcement Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission (Commission or FCC) issues this Enforcement Advisory to remind broadcasters, cable television operators, wireless cable operators, wireline video service providers, satellite digital audio radio service providers, and direct broadcast satellite providers (EAS Participants) of their obligation to comply with the EAS rules, including ensuring that EAS alerts are accessible to persons with disabilities.”

The enforcement monitor outlines a number of key requirements for complying with the FCC’s EAS rules. The FCC stated further:

“Failure to comply with the EAS rules may subject a violator to sanctions including, but not limited to, substantial monetary forfeitures. The Enforcement Bureau may treat each failure to either transmit EAS messages, file EAS test information in the Reporting System, or file accurate information in the Reporting System as a separate violation for purposes of calculating the proposed forfeiture amount.”

To see the FCC’s complete EAS Enforcement announcement click HERE


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